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"Dear Bernard,
I justed wanted to say a big thank you for hosting our vacation care group on Tuesday 25th September. The staff and children had a wonderful time and we were truly impressed by the facilities and service. They all came back wanting to go again, and needing a little rest after all the climbing!

Thank you also for being so attentive during lunch. The staff really appreciated that the group was looked after so well.

We look forward to making more bookings in the future."

Hayley Smith
Centre Director –
Denistone East Before and After School Care Association (DEBASCA)


"Vacation Care Program took 68 children aged 5 years to 12 years to Peak Pursuits fro a 2 hour seesion in the September/October Holidays.

I wasn't sure how our younger children would go but once hey were harnessed up they were able to try everything and had a great time. The older children were able to challenge themselves, racing against each other and trying to beat their own times, Even staff (the big kids!) ended up in harnesses and joined in the fun!

I rate Peak Pursuits as a great excursion and I reccomend that you give it a go :-)"

Director –
Currawong Children's Centre


"Dear Bernard,
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to try out Peak Pursuits. We had quite an adventure and also a fantastic time, thank you for assisting us with the challenge.
I speak with very high recommendation of Peak Pursuits and our great experience, I will definitely bring back the group again."

Renu Roy